We Don’t Just Sell Furniture

Your Imagination, Your Home Spaces.

Please call us and have a chat about how we can help you to unlock your potential to design your own home spaces – we’ll only be glad to assist.

We have a wealth of knowledge about selecting the right materials for your living spaces.

With a virtual 3D walk-through image of your living space, we can show you how your selection of furniture and/or artifacts look in your home.


Raw Beginnings

to Form & Function


Customise Your Look

Let your imagination make a statement !

If you have an idea in mind, we can help put those ideas on paper to customise furniture and homeware items just the way you like it, personal, unique and tasteful. It will certainly draw curios attention to your home, lifestyle and personality.
We’re waiting to hear what inspires you.


Express Yourself

Asia Gallery Online Shopping will be launched in Q4-2016 with the goal of making Asian furniture and homeware more accessible to everyone in Australia.

We hope to bring you the most comprehensive online collection of exclusive designs and strive to give everyone the opportunity to share the styles that inspired us.

We believe that geography, budget and time should not be barriers to enjoying enchanting designs from around the world. Our fast and reliable end-to-end shipping program will initially cover major Australian cities in NSW and QLD, delivered to your door. Our short-term plan will make our products available to all Australians in eight (8) states.

If you’re inspired by any items in our lineup, whether it be a baseline, custom or antique, please express your interest below. We’ll be glad to assist.

Thank You.